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Quite simply the greatest decade EVER. No other era comes even close. Read on and see how many of these albums you had !

Your 70’s memories have been combined into a continuous sentence. These are verbatim with only one name changed to protect the innocent........

So maybe an early T-Rex or Slade song from 1971, Tony Blackburn’s breakfast show then Johnnie Walker on Radio One, Les Crane from 1972, CCF annual camp in Okehampton 1973, Life on Bastard mars played non stop at Okehampton , Leek,  Sennybridge, Folkestone, Catterick, Elton & Kiki from the long, long hot summer of 1976, cold Saturdays at Hilsea, Uriah Heep, amazing parties in Gosport, your first car, kiss, fight, sports day, double maths with Ron Vearncombe, Browndown, Fell & Bottle, The Pembroke, rugby, cricket, athletics at Alexandra park, model railway club, Bleed for history, Neal H skipping lunch to copy down the radio One (on 247 metres MW), carol services and carrying blue chairs down the high street, The Dolphin, a quick fag in the bogs, Vic Hampton, Bomber, The Duke of Buckingham, Cox, I want Cox, Hooting noises, flatulence, Leo Sayer, Party fours, Players No 10, Macs shop with steak and onion pies at 7p each, Doreen Waterworth, Spike Aylemore, excellent specimen, no jeering, hair must be neat, well groomed and not come down below the collar, Bell record label, Gary Glitter, Sugar White, Lambrettas, Bukkake films, David Moss-Bowpitt, Sutherland brothers and Quiver, Leek Light Infantry, Podsols, Ranch House, Bedford Truck, Melody Maker, NME, Pink Floyd, David Cassidy, Mary Cassidy, Blue Peter with Lesley Judd, The Stacey sisters, K-Tel records, Smiths in Palmerston Road, Afghan coats, HMV in commercial road, flipping through progressive, Rizla Wheatstraw, Spice island in Osborne Road, HSB, Prize old Ale mixed with HSB(!), Shirt King, Tricorn, Pennine way, Fell and Bottle, The Village, Hellraiser for jeans,

Greatest album of the 70's

Pink Floyd

Led Zeppelin

70’s party checklist

D’artagnan (Marmion Road), 5 park drive, Fratton Park, Banned from the common, Billy Manning’s, South Parade Pier gigs, Nero’s, Joanna’s, Trolley buses, Marina café, Southdown buses, 139 to Denmead, Blue Peter (again), Theatre Royal, Tommy on Portsdown hill, tie-dye t-shirts, loons, Roxy Music, clogs, Bridge Tavern, Ice Cream vans and Minis, the Pseudmuthian, Red Lions football, Gowerton, Esso Colts trophy 1974, Welsh tour, beef pit, 20 Embassy, the day I met Marie, band on the run, 12th man, breast suppressors, err scum, tank tops, PHAGS film club, YASI 125’s, bivvy tents, Satchel’s Anglia, grip and sleeping bag, M33, Lee Enfield .303’s, Arnie Stanton, Boris Schnabel’s desk with Led Zeppelin inked on it, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, chalking desks, apple pie beds, twigs, gola try rugby boots, plastic Godzilla mascots, dodgem, gnoming, grape treading holidays, Penistone-bird alterations to the honours board, walking the Pennine way, my length mate etc, 10 Cadets, Vic Hampton, Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple, Free, Genesis, Yes, Floyd, Barry Blue, The Monkees, Stuart Henry, Jimmy Saville’s old record Club, Noel Edmonds breakfast Show, Radio One Road show at Southsea common, smiley wanker miley, Radio Victory, Chris Ryder Disco Party, Triumph Vitesse firing order, double diamond, Turner or Webb at Hilsea, annual parade, Jasper in the glider, M27, Brickwoods Mild at the Bridge tavern, Cheese and onion rolls, Cowes week at the Folly, Bearded penis for physics, prefects walk, naval officers greatcoats, Royal Enfield Meteor Minor twin, Denny Lane for Maths.

Alverstoke Babe

Players Number 10

Party 7


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Classic Clips for you to enjoy !

Porsche 911 owned by someone at twat at school (his Dad, an airline pilot had died) Reg Number OCT 6.. He traded it in for a Lotus Esprit. My Austin Healey Sprite - cost £140 from the Portsmouth Evening News December 20th 1977, insurance cost £200. Remembering now, all those year later what a stuck up bitch ***** ********** was.

How much I hated The Avenue Lawn Tennis Club in Havant, but how much you desire to belong.

My cat, Pippin who adopted us in 1970, and passed away in 1982. Jumping up and down on a Royal Marines SRN6 hovercraft with Steve Bartlett, and getting caught at Browndown camp. Same day as getting caught smoking Consulates... good weekend that was, especially Steve farting all night in the tent. Learning to drive at Goodwood before I was 17, when it was a proper race circuit and not inhabited by a bunch of chavvy City banker wankers piss-bag types as per the Revival these days. The upper school caretaker beating a pigeon to death outside the bogs under form 3 B. Nowadays he'd have some form of security check and be led away to be tagged. Being thin. Thinking I knew everything. Thinking back that I knew nothing.

Petrol being 35p a gallon. Working in Havant petrol station in the summer of '76, being paid 18p an hour, serving the owner of Marsh Plant in his Aston Martin. Smelling 5 star fuel and using it - before the green tossers stuck their oar in.

Driving around the Sussex lanes after 4 or 5 pints at night and never being stopped. Not having to wear a seat belt. Clunk click, Jimmy is it? **** off you weirdo. Realising how much, in retrospect, my parents loved me, and now knowing I didn't love them back. Shit, what a tosser. Flares & hairstyles, Not being aware that I wouldn't live for ever. Phil Hakluyt's Party (the one where we behaved very badly) Clackers, Unridable bicycles, Judith Stephenson's legs.The party circuit pissing off countless parents as we learnt how to get pissed, vomit and have sex!! Falling off Puch maxi going into Stanley St from Palmerston Rd.

A party in the gravel-pits just outside Chichester, not far from a mental hospital.

A good mate who stood in my parents lounge for an eternity, wanting to hold someone's hand to the Odeon, ABC or, knowing him, the Palace, and being flatly refused. Getting my Mum to put flares in my jeans - big triangles of satin were best. Working all the hours out the seafront for money to buy my next bike - working with Ross, Pete, Nigel, Julian, Ian and Dave made it a pleasure, and we had some laughs. Buying my BSA C15 for cash and being so proud of it. Long hot summers. Jackie and Jacqui. Bike rides with my best friends. Growing my hair as long as I could without getting into trouble at school. Enjoying Art and French, but hating History and Geography. Wishing I had gone to more concerts, and wondering why I never went to any of Phil's legendary parties. Never doing enough revision for exams. Always getting average marks and 'could try harders'. SBJ's parties, sailing club discos all along the coast, picking strawberries at 20p/hour. Brown Sugar - how come you taste so good. Thrashing Bryanston!! Discovering, by way of friendship's) some of life's essentials - sex, drugs, Rock'n'Roll, motorbikes and skiing. I think the one that stands out is being 14, looking 12 and somehow getting served in pubs. Twenty six pence for a pint of scrumpy in the Florence, 28p in the Borough Arms .. a fine juke box too.

Just the best time of my life

Glam Rock, 5th Formers abusing their Royals and Dock Martins on others waiting patiently in the lunch queue, Mayfair magazine, Randall and Hopkirk (deceased), Neil Thomas' parties, Anouska Hempel (actress who regularly appeared on Call My Bluff), throwing live fireworks in the men's toilet blocks on Southsea seafront (deeply ashamed now), collecting Southsea road signs and displaying them in my cellar, playing cards in the cellar, watching Pompey second bottom in the old 4th Division, inventing the synthesizer (well having the electric Hoover in the background while Union Jack was performing, anyway), may cat Jimmy (named after Jimmy Greaves, the best of days. Seafront cafes & girls flirting for free ice creams; The Still & West; Long cycle rides just to go visit a girl; CCF camp & Browndown in the rain - Oh what fun!; Pauline Addison; GB Athletics trials; Nero's and Grannies in the Tricorn; The Tour of Life .Fashion victims; granddad shirts, 'Yes' logo T-Shirts, afghan coats, Adidas Rom trainers, combat jackets, great coats, long hair, Culottes, cheese cloth shirts, platforms, feeling indestructible so drinking, smoking, riding motorcycles in jeans, staying up for 40 hours. Wanting to rebel against the suit wearing corporate life set out for us - failed! Joined the establishment, bugger! Long hot summers on the banks of the Thames at Windsor, paddling and watching the boats because it was great and because it was free! Bridge over troubled water the album.. party nights at the scout hut. Music went on, lights went off. Parents collected at 1030 PM to hut in complete darkness, ..fun times ;-)

Classic album covers and YOUR memories !

Name : Julian Wakeley

First Song : Mood for a day (Yes, Fragile, 1972)

First Artist : Steve Howe

First Reason : Because I always wanted to be able to play it, but couldn't be arsed - bit like school, really.

Second Song : The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, is Ended

Second Artist : Rick Wakeman

Second Reason : Brilliant juxtaposition over the remaining songs

First LP : Yessongs Yes

Second LP : Anything not by Stevie Wonder

Name : The Emperor (Charlie Cheatle)

First Song : In The Summertime

First Artist : Mungo Jerry

First Reason : It summed up summertime

Second Song : Sampa Pa Ti

Second Artist : Santana

Second Reason : Big-time chill out

First LP : Abraxas Santana

Second LP : Autobahn Kraftwerk

Name : Ken Allen

First Song : Death Walks Behind You

First Artist : Atomic Rooster

First Reason : It is so uncompromisingly bleak

Second Song : Conquistador

Second Artist : Procol Harum

Second Reason : It was either this or something by the Moody Blues

First LP : Phantasmagoria - Curved Air

Second LP :  Birds of Fire - Mahavishnu Orchestra

Name : Sidney Whitest

First Song : Europa (Earth's Cry and Heavens smile)

First Artist : Carlos Santana

First Reason : It still makes me cry

Second Song :  Freebird

Second Artist : Lynyrd Skynyrd

Second Reason : It's the last thing you have to say before you die

First LP : Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd

Second LP : Santana 3 - half the band!!

Name : Rod Grinsted

First Song : Kashmir

First Artist : Led Zeppelin

First Reason : It was the highlight of Zeppelin's last ever UK show at Knebworth.....and I was there!!

Second Song : Sweet Leaf

Second Artist : Black Sabbath

Second Reason : It used to annoy the hell out of Neil Thomas' M&D when we stopped by to play snooker after school

First LP : Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols

Second LP : Dark Side of the Moon

Name : Adrian Magrath

First Song : Radar Love

First Artist : Golden Earring

First Reason : It was a Radio Luxembourg Powerplay - played every hour for a week - still a cracker!

Second Song : Stuck in the middle with you

Second Artist : Stealers Wheel

Second Reason : First heard this on a Classics trip to St Albans with Simpson and 'Digby'. The coach became a smoke chamber by the time we got off Portsea Island

First LP : Foxtrot - Genesis

Second LP : Uriah Heep Live

Name : Dave Lawrence

First Song : In a broken dream

First Artist :  Python Lee Jackson

First Reason :  Rod Stewart at his best before his vocal chords failed and he ended up squeaking for a living.

Second Song : Autobahn

Second Artist : Kraftwerk

Second Reason : Teutonic electro-pop makes the pop charts shock horror! History in the making.

First LP : Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars - David Bowie

Second LP : Roxy Music - Roxy Music

Name : Mark Casserley

First Song : Crime of the Century

First Artist : Supertramp

First Reason : Need you ask

Second Song :  Bad Company

Second Artist : Bad Company

Second Reason : Still sounds new

First LP :  Crime of the Century, Supertramp

Second LP:  DSOTM

Name : Neal "The Cougar" Hyett

FirstSong : Heart of Gold

First Artist : NEIL YOUNG

First Reason : It is evocative of setting out upon life

Second Song :  Rock & Roll

Second Artist : LED ZEPPELIN

Second Reason : It is an Anthem

First LP : Exile on main Street

Second LP : Wish You were Here

Name : Andy Collett

First Song : In the Summer Time

First Artist : Mungo Jerry

First Reason : Listening to Radio One on Southsea Beach this song seemed to be on every show, did the sun always shine then?

Second Song : Lola

Second Artist : The Kinks

Second Reason : Blasting out of the Juke Box in the White Horse at Droxford (the best Juke Box in southern England)

First LP : Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd (up yours NME!)

Second LP : Dark Side of the Moon (boring I know)

Name : Chris Jones

First Song : Back in the Night

First Artist : Doctor Feelgood

First Reason : Diana Ross and David Bowie to the left (Kev Reid), Hawkwind, Gentle Giant and Uriah Heep to the right and then Portsmouth guildhall, Paul R suggested this band and kerpow!!!

Second Song:   Guns of Navarone

Second Artist: the Skatalites

Second Reason: football atmosphere turned into music, working with a wonderful bunch of head cases in iris' cafe on the seafront, punk exploding then out of the blue came this ska/reggae sound which never fails to make the world seem a better place!

First LP : For your pleasure - Roxy music

Second LP :  Bridge over Troubled Water - s & g - first leg over

Name : John Stones

First Song : Merry Xmas Everybody

First Artist : Slade

First Reason : One of the best Xmas songs ever; always good to sing along to & puts a smile on your face

Second Song :  Just The Way You Are

Second Artist : Billy Joel

Second Reason : Just a beautiful song, never tire of hearing it & always have to sing along to it :)

First LP :  Beatles White (From the 1960’s so Let It Be substituted !)

Second LP :  Dark Side Of The Moon

Name : Mark Wingham

First Song : Rock n' Roll Part 1

First Artist : Gary Glitter (sorry - know this is so un PC)

First Reason : My abiding memory of the Beef Pit on the first Welsh tour

Second Song :  Get It On

Second Artist : T Rex

Second Reason : Ashley used to have it on every time I went to his house - and I've come to love it

First LP : Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd

Second LP : Twenty Top Hits (various original artists) - any one will do!

Name : Ian Baker

First Song : Amoreena

First Artist : Elton John

First Reason : Honourable mention

Second Song : See My Baby Jive

Second Artist : Wizzard

First LP : Tumbleweed Connection – Elton John

Second LP : Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield

Name :  Geoff Cousins

First Song : The Man With The Child In His Eyes

First Artist : Kate Bush

First Reason : She gave me my first break in music photography & I just love this track.

Second Song : Music.

Second Artist : John Miles

Second Reason : Its a song I never tire of listening to - especially the guitar break. Happy Memories.

First LP : The Kick Inside - Kate Bush

Second LP : A Trick of The Tail – Genesis

Name : Tim Head

First Song : Down in the Sewer

First Artist : The Stranglers

First Reason :  I think I first heard this round Brian Cooper's house. It kind of sums up the transition that was going on musically at the time and it's brilliant of course.

Second Song :   Final Solution

Second Artist : Peer Abu

Second Reason : Great stuff from a very underrated band. Not everyone’s cup of tea but this is one of their more accessible tracks.

First LP : Another Green World - Brian Eno

Second LP :     

Name : Kev Smith

First Song : Smoke on the Water

First Artist : Deep Purple

First Reason :  ESC Disco's!!!

Second Song :   Hotel California

Second Artist : The Eagles

Second Reason : Classic track that has stood the test of time.....just like the Class of '77!!

First LP : Dark Side of the Moon : PINK FLOYD

Second LP : Goodbye Yellow Brick Road : ELTON JOHN

Name : Paul Rogers

First Song : When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease

First Artist : Roy Harper

First Reason : It is still the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

Second Song :  Police and Thieves

Second Artist : The Clash

Second Reason : It made me realise that white boys could love reggae.

First LP :  For Your Pleasure - Roxy Music

Second LP :  Malpractice- Dr Feelgood

In 2002 many of you recalled your favourite tracks and albums from the 1970'

Oh, and on the subject of Graham Evill, he was a very good goalkeeper for the mighty Red Lions whose team spirit was second to none especially when we were in our Red Ford Tour Bus (sorry your dad's van,Vandy)..also Pratt's the card and furniture shop, post office, The Palmerston (used to sell great blow), and getting Five Park Drive (or feeeve peeek dreev as Gaz would say) and a box of Marathon matches from Peter Pan ..these would subsequently be used for the creation of a genie on the steps of the Wingham household cellar as opposed to certain prop forwards using the light of the lighted match to put it back into the box whilst on a rugby tour in Wales whilst waiting for the scrum half to dash naked down the corridor except in July 1976 when all the prefects had to stay the night at Hilsea before some summer fete or suchlike when I ran the balloon race and was propositioned by some American bird with large bosoms but breath like Jeyes fluid and Myron Barnard passed out breathing too much helium and then Dong fell off his moped racing across the 3rd XI pitch breaking his wrist in the process so he missed annual camp as opposed to the Royal Enfield meteor minor going 3 up across the 1st XI square really pissing grounds man Turner off so he stopped the classic tea of two sandwiches, a cake and a mug of tea in a light blue melamine cup before buying Hartridge’s Pompey Cola and Snakes or wrigglers in the tuck shop then packing up rugby kit in to red puma bags and lacing up your Adidas ROM trainers (or you Gola try) boots before making cat calling noises from behind the score box where you had gone to 'check the equipment' which were Piccadilly if Mac was in the chair or Prick a Dildo as they were called as you then headed for a party after scraping cricket bats with bits of glass in Alverstoke where you would stick a wig head stand on a broom handle and go around regaling everyone with the black forest story about decapitation then someone would play Uriah Heep's Stealin' at 6 am on the Sunday morning before you headed out to the Village home for new year and danced around the 'thingy' in the square pissed up on tankard (at 1/2d pint) before getting the Gosport ferry home where when approached the defendant said..Shit, it is a fair cop but society is to blame as you head for 19 ***king Cousins grove for all night risk or Colditz going via the staff car to eat cheese and onion rolls at the Bridge Tavern (before the brewery trashed it) and changing the wheel on the office mini by lifting it bodily as there was no jack because he was driving a mauve Austin 1300 which would then take us to Hilsea for annual parade or the dodgem which was used for the procurement of gnomes and 5ft green men which would then be left for Erika (the object of much onanism) to discover before we all got in the turbo Toledo to blast up to Sid's to listen to Go Buddy Go by The Stranglers before supping ale in The George and heading down past Ruth's house before gunning the Barnett to 55 mph along the eastern road using 20/50 instead of two stroke oil despite the fact that the headlight was Andy's dads torch strapped to the forks with insulation tape but it got you home in time to help Kev assemble his Trophy gear box and Paul re-designing the glazing on 19 ***king Cousins grove before heading to the bowling greens to meet 'Big' Jackie Taylor and then chalking I felt Jackie's Taylors Tits in July 1973 on the shelter wall before Slick Olive and RTRB ! following a week at the Folly Inn singing American pie in the bar before being told to **ss off and camping behind the pub and the next year finding John Carver and his green venom and being towed home by Viper as the Barnett got slightly tired kickin' ass up the hill in Newport and listening to Donna Summer's I feel Love and Boz Scaggs Lido Shuffle and Burts VP ale, slight wind, and the gentlemen from Gosport with the bullworker tied to the haversack and the Lambretta in the hedge. Well they were here when we left and being told that under no circumstances were we to get involved with Ken Russell filming Tommy and that was only after riding back from Denmead two up on the viper with a fag lighter instead of a headlamp till we reached Steve Bartlett’s dads garage in the high street for a lunchtime fag before we went back for 80 mins of education before dashing back to watch Blue Peter (god she was fit !) and nicking cutlery from the canteen to send to their appeal and getting told that green tank tops were not school uniform and anyway your hair was not neat well groomed or above the collar but still you bought pearl barley from macs to 'fire' at mates during music lessons or sometimes if a full retaliatory strike was required the use of chewing gum was permitted however this led to the occasional punch up between Andy Smith (err scum) and a.n.others..usually Tim W or Mark W…etc…etc



A Video from 2011 advertising the Class of 77 surf trip……enjoy