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Going through archives can be a boring and often un-rewarding business. Sometimes, however, you strike gold and this is what recently happened in the vaults at Tickler records. “Big” John Thomas, chief engineer at Tickler, was going through some old storage boxes in the cellars at the Duke of Buckingham studios when he discovered, hidden in a box of chequered, patterned carpet slippers, an old reel to reel tape. On playing it John was amazed to hear the legendary live recording of “My Pink Oboe is Your Best Friend” featuring the original Uncle Peter’s band line up and with the man himself on descant recorder. Thought lost for many years the tape also features the tracks “Day to Trip to Bath”, “Let’s Go To France (This Summer)” and “Big Shag in Brading”.

Teabagging is now re-mastered and available to sample in the bogs most lunch breaks.

“Peter blows so well”

 (UK Recorder News)

“Wonderful use of the fingers”  (Prostate Weekly)

Latest releases from Tickler records

From the PGS Temperance Seven a unique and rare opportunity to enjoy some of those oft forgotten PORTSMOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB folk classics.


A compact disc special. This unique collection is NOT available as a download.


“You’re gonna get your *ucking heads kicked in” (John Wesley /John Henry “Cardinal” Newman).

“You couldn’t score in a brothel” (Elton John / Bernie Taupin).

“The Referee’s a wanker” (Trad. 2017 arrangement by Razor King Al)

“Pompey Boys, we are here, shag your women, drink your beer (Lennon/McCartney)


“Danger, entering Fratton can damage your health, PFC” (Feat. 50 Cent and Dr. Dre)

“Scummers, Scummers, Scummers” (as featured in the TVS series Inspector Wexford)

“Alan, Alan, Alan Knight, Alan Knight, Alan Knight”

“He’s here, he’s there, he’s every *ucking where, Vince Hillaire, Vince Hillaire”

“We had joy, we had fun, we had Arsenal on the run but the joy didn’t last ‘cause the bastards run too fast”

“You’ll never make the station” (Featuring the band of the Coldstream Guards conducted by their Director of Music, Shotgun Mac)

                             Produced by Shot Gun Mac and George Martin for Boot in the Groin records.

Catalogue Number : Stabbers 001

Re mastered at Tickler Studios by Vic Hampton

Also available on 8 Track cartridge.. Video release on Betamax.



The second release of 2017 on Tickler records features a six piece heavy rock band from Portsmouth. Calling themselves “Getting Off At Fratton” the band have produced a masterpiece in classic progressive rock. Featuring a twin lead guitar sound, Lesley Loves The Larger Man is a genuine concept album. Written by the band as a whole it covers all forms of teenage sexual fantasy” Bassist Ashley, says “some people may think this album is autobiographical about the band (or even about me) but they would be wrong and can fuck off”

Stand out tracks include the acoustic “Twelfth Man”, “The handling is something else” (written by Kev Benelli) and “Mr F. Deaky” which features a 12 minute drum solo by Timmy Twigs. You can see the band perform live at a Cathedral House disco later this summer. The band have invited Neil Young to support them. Some of you may recall guitarists Paul and Neal posing for last months Playgirl magazine. Rating 9.5 inches out of 10

Bob Harris

Tickler records are further expanding their portfolio with a move into hard core street gangsta.

“Pass My Shooter” is the brainchild of Boris “The Nissan” Driveby. Disillusioned with convention Boris and the talented “Auntie Doreen” (not pictured for legal reasons) have produced, this, their first release. “Cap In Your Mofo Ass”. Recorded live at the Conservative club in Winchester (the home of Hampshire gangsta) it pulls no punches. Its themes of low interest rates, privatisation of nationalised industries and the eventual repeal of the hunting act having mass appeal to the middle classes of southern Britain.Top tunes include “Chillin’ with my hoe at the golf club”, “My 9mm Browning is from Debenhams”, “You dissin’ ma bitch (Organic Olives Mix)” and “My Skyline is Fucking well Fucking Fucked” Top track though is the standout “Waitrose Organic Cous Cous(Kiss my Booty)”

Boris is assisted by Dr.C15 as his technical wizard. Boris also thanks his personal body guards by name checking them on track 6 titled “Give the SOB’s some bronze parabellum hollow nosed caps in their asses”

Head of security “Muscles” Rhino and the armourer, “Big Boy” Cass are also featured on the album cover. Rating 5 shots out of 6

Charlie Sloth



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